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Baked Italian Pasta – With Assorted Vegetables & lotsa Cheese!!


Baked Italian pasta …! It is creamy, cheesy and crispy at the same time.. Sounds tempting!!

Baked Italian Pasta Presentation

4 layer Baked Italian Pasta Presentation

This recipe is totally dedicated to cheese lovers and that too in ample amount !

Baked dishes are always attractive, alluring and fascinating .. I am always very excited to bake and try new baking dishes.. And when something comes out very perfect, I am fully satisfied with my cooking.. Baking actually makes me feel that now i know some cooking.. Baking is not that tough, the way it is sounding here but personally i feel great after baking something nice..

My version of baked Italian pasta consists 4 layers:

first, penne in white sauce

second, assorted vegetables in cheese spread

third, Paneer (cottage cheese) and coriander in cream

fourth, f penne in red sauce

On the top ample of mozerella cheese!! Read the rest of this entry