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Making Cold Coffee With Milkmaid Condensed Milk


Wow!! Yummy Coffee made with Milkmaid condensed milk !!

Condensed milk adds richness to the coffee.. A great coffee made with a blend of milk, condensed milk and coffee…

I was first introduced to it by my very close friend..! One day we were talking  and our taste buds started recalling past and missing the taste of all that stuff which we used to eat and drink when we were kids.. Then suddenly i heard something like ‘ cold coffee with condensed milk’ .. I was so surprised and asked to repeat what he just said.. Then he was like you have never heard of it and i was like ‘Noh’ 😦 , what are you saying?? Cold coffee with condensed milk??

On that day i came to know about it, he disclosed the secret recipe of world’s best cold coffee with condensed milk.. His friend’s mom a.k.a ‘Sweet Aunty’ used to make this coffee for him when he used to stay back for playing at his friend’s place.. He misses his sweet aunty just becoz she is world’s best coffee maker according to him 😉

After listening to him i went damn curious and excited to try it asap.. And after the day i tried it , i never make coffee without condensed milk.. This coffee is rich and fine.. And a person like me who is fond of having coffee would surely love it..


2 cups milk( frozen)

1/2 cup skimmed milk( you can use any type of milk)

2 tablespoon sweetened condensed milk

1 tsp coffee


  1. Take frozen milk , coffee, milk and condensed milk in the food processor or blender..
  2. Pulse the machine till it becomes smooth..

Servings: 2